I think I hear not right, stell you so what for!

Mir ist schon klar, dass meine Englischkenntnisse diese Bezeichnung kaum verdienen, aber dass sie so miserabel sind, hätte ich auch wieder nicht gedacht, aber lies selbst:

our customer has to transfer the results of the current month for all employees until tomorow morning 8:30 am. The report does not produce any assignments but runs the following error message: ‚Abrechnungswährung ist nicht vorhanden‘ (translation: ‚Settlement currency does not exist‘). I checked the tables. They all contain the right currency. The Note 2015807 is already in the system, but there is no effect. We need help immediately – thanks!
Best regards,
Ned Noergla

Dear Mr. Noergla,

Since this is a very high incident, I wish you to write in English so that the members of the global support team understand your problem and know what you have done so far.

Best regards,
Dan Fisher
Active Global Support

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